Q1: What is MUEcet?
            MUEcet is a faucet platform that allows you to get MonetaryUnit coins for just solving a captcha!

Q2: How does it work?
            You can simply log in with your email or twitter account, submit your MonetaryUnit address and start claiming every hour!

Q3: How do you calculate tweet values?
            We use a form which values every tweet differently, based on its attention gathered.

Q4: How many MUE are available per month?
            Currently, the amount we're giving away per month is 5000 MUE. This amount can change in the future.

Q5: How ofter can I claim?
            Currently, you can claim 0.5 MUE every hour.

Q6: When will I be able to withdraw my claimed MUE?
            Withdrawals are being processed every Monday only for accounts with a balance greater than 30 MUE.

Q7: Does MUEcet store my information?
            MUEcet stores only basic information of your account like the username, followers, tweets, etc.

Q8: What are the steps?
  • Sign up/Sign in
  • Enter your MUE address
  • Claim
  • Reach 30 MUE to withdraw